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One of the most exciting parts of opening your own yoga studio is finally creating a schedule of your classes, but getting the word out

How to Start a Yoga Business

Starting a yoga business can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time yoga studio owner. Where do you begin? In this article,

Who Are the Yoga Business Coaches?

Yogapreneur Collective clients make impactful decisions in their businesses, all with the help and guidance of our Yoga Business Coaches. We’ll tell you more about our Yoga Business Coaches, but first, let’s take a look at the four elements of a yoga business.

How to Use Core Values to Drive Revenue for Yoga Studios

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed more than anything in the yoga business, it’s that the studios that really stand for something succeed in the long term. So if you want to make your yoga studio stand out, and really put into practice everything that you want to embody, then running your business by a set of core values is imperative. 

Yoga Class Cost: How To Set Yoga Class Pricing

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to set yoga class pricing—including how to calculate fair costs and different pricing strategies to consider based on your unique situation. 

How to Name Your Yoga Studio

In this article, we’ll discuss tips for choosing the best name to get the right students through your doors. We’ll cover everything from creating a unique name to the proper legal documentation you’ll need to protect your business.

What is the Best Flooring for a Yoga Studio?

Establishing a strong foundation for your yoga studio business includes an amazing yoga experience that keeps your students returning again and again. If you’re overwhelmed by all the possibilities when it comes to flooring and don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Yoga Interview Questions for Hiring Yoga Instructors

Hiring the right people to represent your brand means asking the right questions during the interview process. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to approach potential employees so that you get the information you need to make the best possible choice for your business. 

Yoga Branding

A successful marketing strategy can help skyrocket your yoga studio to the next level, increasing your sales, profits, and client retention. So, what does branding look like, and how can you make it work for you? In this article, we’ll discuss branding basics and strategies for how to evolve your business. 

Intro Offers for Yoga Studios | Hook Clients from Day 1!

Is it better to keep your offer the same or change things up a little? These are all incredibly hard decisions to make, especially when your business’ profitability is at stake. In this post, you’ll learn how to figure out whether or not your intro offer is working and what needs to change if it’s not. 

Top 6 Yoga Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Studio

In this article, we will be looking at some ideas that you can use when marketing and advertising your yoga studio, including both digital and traditional ways that can get new clients into your classes. 

Yoga Social Media Posts

This post will teach you how to cross over from the 99% to the 1% by creating an effective, cross-platform social media marketing campaign that drives new students to your yoga studio and retains current students with useful, informative content.

Yoga Industry Hack: Marketing Automation That Converts & Saves You Time!

You might have heard the saying “done is better than perfect!”. And we agree. It’s time to get all the half-completed marketing campaigns done so that they can turn into profitable sales funnels! So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to implement yoga studio marketing automation. 

How to Choose a Yoga Business Coach 

Making this decision doesn’t have to be time-consuming or tricky. Knowing the factors to consider when choosing a Yoga Business Coach will help you match with the best person for your personality and your business. 

Yoga Keywords for Your Studio

At Yogaprenuer Collective, we’ve helped yoga entrepreneurs start, build, and maintain yoga businesses. In this article, we’ll share some of our industry insights — the keywords for yoga studios we focus on for our clients and how we implement them.

Discover Your Financial Secret Sauce In Your Yoga Business’s KPIs

When planning for your yoga business’s success, it is important to keep your finances top of mind. Many people shy away from numbers, but when you know what your KPIs are, you can set smart goals based on actual numbers, you can track them, and set yourself up for financial success!

When to Hire a Yoga Business Coach

When you’ve built something all on your own, like the badass Yogapreneur that you are, it can be difficult to take advice from someone else. After all, you know your business a hell of a lot better than any outsider. 

Who Needs a Yoga Business Coach? 

In life, in yoga, and in business, it is important to keep striving for new goals. As a yoga business owner, you need to stay current, relevant, and to present your yoga business as one worth taking note of! Let’s take a look at why your studio could do with a Yoga Business Coach.

What is a Yogapreneur and Why You Should Aspire to Be One

Perhaps you’re new to the yoga industry or are deep into it and considering your next move. Maybe you’ve always considered yourself an entrepreneur with a yoga studio, or a yogi that happens to have a yoga business. No matter where you fall in the wide world of yoga business ownership, you are a yoga entrepreneur. 

Update Your Yoga Pricing for the Digital Era

Like it or not, your business has had to change as it has moved into the digital era. To keep winning in the yoga space, your pricing strategy will need to change as well.

“I care for myself, feel aligned, and still pay the bills.”

Spending all your time at the studio isn’t sustainable. You’ve invested so much you’re determined to see it succeed. But are you making time for your own practice? Do you take time away for you and your family? See how my friend redesigned her business to balance Profitability and Freedom!

The Biggest Yoga Business Prospecting Mistake (and what to do instead!)

Owning a yoga business means that you wear a lot of hats. You’re likely a teacher, a marketer, a salesperson, and more. But how do you sell more yoga when the competition seems endless and you don’t know where your new students are hiding?

The short answer: You need to prospect.

How to train studio your staff with transparency

Running a yoga studio is hard. Your spouse, family and friends may be supportive, but they don’t really get it. Even your staff isn’t always on the same page as you. Your mission drives you…and that’s what makes the difference for your studio.

Relax…Use SOPs!

Overwhelmed? Not enough time in the day? You’re not alone. As a business owner, it’s hard to trust your business in the hands of other people. There is a way to feel comfortable delegating tasks and step away from your studio more often: SOPs!

The Power of Storytelling

Did you know you connect with others using your personal story? It has value! Learn more about creating business with the power of storytelling. We are WIRED to respond to this!

Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

You may not love the idea of digital yoga, but your clients expect it. Keep your studio relevant and lean into the digital yoga era. You have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of your community AND increase sales by expanding into the virtual market.

What does it mean to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

You’ve been tested. Your yoga business has been tested. But you’ve survived – and even thrived – despite all 2020 threw at you. Moving forward in 2021 means remembering one thing… You are yoga tough.

Use Facebook ads to up-level your yoga studio

Organic reach and engagement has recently hit an all time low. You need to go out there and grab people who don’t know you… yet. And who don’t know how fabulous you and your yoga studio are… yet. But how? Learn more about how Facebook ads can help you take your yoga studio to the next level in 2021!

Now’s the time to get TikTok famous!

Everybody has seen the TikTok of the guy riding his skateboard while drinking some cranberry juice. Everybody. He is now TikTok Famous. What if your yoga studio was TikTok Famous? Check out my latest blog to discover how you can catch lightning in a bottle and become TikTok Famous.

Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

As 2020 closes out and you begin to look forward to a new year you might be wondering, “What’s next?” You don’t have to wonder what’s next if you plan what is next. It’s time to strategize for 2021. If you want to run a hyper-profitable yoga studio, take the steps to make that happen. In my latest blog I show you how.

It’s all about engagement – no ring required

Learn why you need to up-level your social media game NOW to increase audience engagement. Why now? Because I have NEVER seen a business who is crushing it who doesn’t have great engagement.

5 mistakes to avoid when selling your studio

Learn how to avoid 5 common issues faced during the sale of a yoga studio. And why you need to plan for the sale of your yoga studio – NOW – even if you have no plans to sell.

Building a social media strategy for your new normal

Social media isn’t just about posting the perfectly filtered image or the witty Tweet. It’s about getting your brand in front of clients – past, present, and future. Don’t get into the social media game without a plan.

How to batch your virtual studio content

Create a massively successful virtual studio with a high-quality virtual studio library. We’ll go step-by-step through the three phases of content creation, so you can streamline your content creation. Start optimizing your time and energy by batching content!

5 Things to do every time you update your website

Are you confident your website is up to date? When’s the last time you checked? Now more than ever, your members and community need to be in the loop. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Building Racial Equity into your studio

Racism is a truth. It’s a real life experience for so many people of color. It’s our job as studio owners and human beings to take action and build racial equity into our business so everyone can experience community, peace, and love.

What should my pricing strategy be for reopening?

Reopening is the perfect time to revamp your pricing structure. Merging your virtual and in-person studios can be challenging. We’ll show you how to create options that appeal to each type of client, while keeping it streamlined to prevent overwhelm.

Is Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform right for your yoga studio?

Mindbody promised a lot with it’s new platform, but the delivery doesn’t live up to the hype. If you sign the Terms and Conditions you’re giving Mindbody control of your content to use however they want to for as long as they want without paying you… Take a look at the ins and outs.

Inclusivity in the Yoga Industry

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and unsure of how to be the change but, as a studio owner you have the desire to be inclusive and the platform to create awareness. So what should you say, and what can you do right now to create more racial equity in your yoga business and in the industry as a whole?

What to do with online classes when your yoga studio reopens.

How do you merge your physical studio you and the online studio you’ve created recently? Building a cohesive studio reopening plan is a challenge. There are probably more options than you thought. Let’s take them one by one and find what works for you and your studio.

What’s the ideal online yoga class schedule?

Your online schedule doesn’t have to look the same as your in-person class schedule did. It can be shorter. Different times might work better. Think about your specific community’s needs when you decide on an online class schedule.

How to Manage Your Studio Staff During COVID-19

If you’re transitioning your studio to online-only for a time, you’ll need to make changes to your pay structure. Telling your staff they’re going to take a pay cut isn’t easy. Make it easier by keeping the conversation focused on supporting your staff however you can during this difficult time.

How the CARES Act can help your yoga studio.

Keep on top of the latest news in small business funding with a look into the CARES act. Learn what SBA loans and the Payroll Protection Program can do for your yoga studio.

How Can I Lower my Studio’s Expenses?

Now is the time to guard your cash flow. Cutting expenses seems like a huge task. But lots of small adjustments can add up… and make a big difference to your studio.

How do I take my yoga studio online?

Don’t be scared to get your online classes out there! Your members aren’t expecting perfection. They’re expecting you to show up for them. Take the leap, get set up, and be there for your community!

How do I shift my membership pricing for online yoga classes?

One of the biggest questions on your mind right now is probably how to shift your membership pricing. My advice? Play it cool and keep providing value. Don’t make any sudden changes. Instead, develop a plan now for how to pivot your pricing as needed in upcoming weeks.

Make social distancing work for your yoga studio.

Social distancing means the end of in person classes for a time, but it doesn’t mean an end to yoga. In fact, your community needs you now more than ever. Here’s how you can convert your classes into online yoga and help your students continue their practice even while isolated at home.

Maintaining your studio community during COVID-19

Struggling with the reality of COVID-19 and unsure what this means for your studio? Your most important asset right now is your community. Lean into it and give your people what they need most in this time. The stress reduction and community they find in yoga.

Want your yoga studio to stand out? Focus on messaging.

Good messaging is the difference between a successful studio and one that’s struggling or even failing. Having good classes and a great atmosphere isn’t enough to make you successful and bring people through the door.
Truth – -> If people don’t know who you are, they aren’t going to show up.
Want an enormously successful yoga studio? Branding is crucial! A strong brand means your studio is recognised by your market and remembered by the public. When you have a strong brand, your students are clear on what your studio offers and enthusiastically invite friends to visit.

Studio success starts with vision!

Do you have a vision for your yoga studio… or have you wandered off course? There are dozens of directions you could take your studio – or even millions – and you need to know where you’re going if you want to be successful.

How to build an insanely successful yoga studio in 2020

As we enter 2020, for the first time in history there are more yoga studios closing than there are opening. I’ve worked with hundreds of studio owners to give them the training and resources that they need to run an insanely profitable studio that changes more lives and have a personal life at the same time. I know what it takes to make YOUR studio succeed. Ready? This is my plan to make 2020 your studio’s break out year!

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