Welcome to the Digital Yoga Era

We are in a special time right now – The Digital Yoga Era. Many consumers aren’t comfortable with in-person class yet. You have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of your community AND increase sales by expanding into the virtual market. 

Truth →  Regardless if you like or dislike Virtual Yoga, clients expect the option.

The data shows now, more than ever, people want a digital option.  Everything has gone digital. Yoga is no exception. Your members want on demand yoga. They want to pick and choose what they practice, and customize an experience for their interests. In fact, they expect it.

You can’t approach sales thinking “everyone wants the in-person element.” Although it may be true in some cases, you need to nurture all of your members’ needs. Not everyone can attend in-person classes right now and not everyone feels safe doing so.

It’s time to adapt to the current climate!

Digital yoga is life changing

Getting your members to show up for a yoga class in the studio is a big ask. They have to schedule it, drive across town, park, change, and get to the mat on time. By comparison, digital yoga seems like a small ask. You may think potential members will jump on it without much guidance… but that’s simply not true. 

Truth → Digital yoga is still a BIG ask. 

Think about it. Each member still has to make time in their schedule, change and get ready. They don’t have to drive, but they have to get off the couch and find a calm space in their home away from their kids, spouse, parents, roommates or whoever for 30-90 minutes. I don’t know about you, but for many of us, that’s actually harder than driving away for an hour or two.

Truth → Your community NEEDS yoga, whether they know it or not.

Your digital yoga can change someone’s life. Your digital studio could be what a busy parent needs to find peace in their day. It could be what an isolated individual needs to get human interaction. It could be what a person who travels often needs to stay grounded and have a sense of normalcy. 

Have you reinvented your virtual sales funnel? 

An effective digital sales funnel leads people into your online classroom, one step at a time. Does your website guide potential members to digital studio options, or is virtual yoga an afterthought? 

Truth → It’s up to you to guide potential members to the classes they need. 

Bring your yoga studio into alignment with the current marketing by emphasizing the value digital yoga classes have to offer. Create a membership for potential clients who are only interested in virtual right now and sell it with confidence. 

Truth → Digital yoga isn’t a lesser option; it’s a necessary one. 

Members won’t purchase your digital studio options unless YOU believe in them. Make your digital studio something you can be proud of with curated videos and content that enhances your members lives. A good digital studio can even boost in-person membership sales. Don’t cut corners. 

Take a look in the mirror

Maybe your digital game isn’t quite on point. Take a breath, IT’S OK! We knew this time was coming, but it came much quicker than expected. The important thing is that you take a good hard look at your digital marketing strategy and see if it is living up to its potential. 

Truth → Digital literacy is important no matter what type of studio you run. 

In the past, studios could get by from just face-to-face interaction. Things have changed. You need to be able to pivot into a digital world, or risk disappearing. Recognize where the yoga and fitness industry is going and take action. Not sure where to start? We can help!

Get your digital game on point! For help optimizing your virtual sales funnel to suit your studio, join a FREE Strategy Session with me. 

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