Who Are the Yoga Business Coaches?

Every yoga business has 4 elements: Breath, body, spirit, and mind. This is the foundation of what we call the Yogapreneur Method

The Yogapreneur Method is our framework for helping yoga business owners breathe as easily as their customers by implementing ethical business systems to increase their profits, improve their staff performance, and amplify their community impact. 

Yogapreneur Collective clients make impactful decisions in their businesses, all with the help and guidance of our Yoga Business Coaches. We’ll tell you more about our Yoga Business Coaches, but first, let’s take a look at the four elements of a yoga business:

  • Breath = Breath is the fuel of yoga; money is the fuel of business
  • Body = Team and organizational structure 
  • Spirit = The community, students, and classes themselves
  • Mind = The business owner

Using this foundation of the Yogapreneur Method, our coaches are able to look at our clients’ businesses holistically. They help yoga business owners get comfortable with selling as a service, create systems that help save time & money, and make an impact in sharing their yogic message with their respective communities. 

Meet the Yoga Business Coaches

On a personal level, all of our yoga business coaches were (or still are!) successful yoga business owners and avid yogis. In addition, they have a passion for finding, understanding, and acting upon data to help yoga business owners make sound business decisions. 

Josh + Jenna [Founders of the Yogapreneur Collective]

Josh & Jenna Biro spent years traveling around North America & visiting yoga studios after they closed their successful yoga studio. When they visited studios, they started to notice that some were super-successful and ran smoothly, and others needed a little help. So, they started consulting with these business owners. 

They quickly found that most studios don’t have things like tracking systems, or know their numbers and KPIs. So, they started using data to help studios get a clear picture of where they stood, and consulted on how each unique business could dial up what was working and strengthen their weaknesses. In studios where return rates were 50%, they’d get a studio to 70% or 80%… in only 6 weeks

That’s how the Yogapreneur Business Method was born, and how the Yogapreneur Collective came to be. 

Today, The Yogapreneur Collective helps yoga businesses all over the world improve their marketing, sales, operations, and team development to increase their revenue, profit margins, and ultimately: their impact. 

Vicki [Yoga Biz Coach]

Vicki is a yoga teacher, studio owner, and a yoga business coach for Nomad Business Coaching. Originally from Sweden, she now owns a hot yoga studio in Leeds, UK. After almost ten years in the wellness business, she knows firsthand how hard it can be to build, manage and run a yoga studio, especially when juggling family commitments. 

She has a deep understanding of how important it is for all studio owners to find balance in life, but also how difficult it can seem to reach balance.  She has successfully applied the Yogapreneur Method to her own studio and coached numerous others through the process; she can help you disentangle the mess, put structures in place, and find the confidence you need to step into your power as the awesome and care-free studio owner you can be.

Kay [Yoga Biz Coach]

When Kay & her husband opened their hot yoga school in 2015, they were deep in debt with a baby on the way, fistfuls of dreams, and… not much of an idea what they were getting into! When they met Josh & Jenna and began to practice the Yogapreneur Method, their studio became successful beyond their initial dreams. 

Within 3 years, they quadrupled their membership and went from using our personal funds to cover the studio expenses (not recommended!) to supporting a family of 4 – buying organic groceries and all! Now, they’ve transitioned their business completely online and followed their dreams of moving abroad. 

However, none of this would have been possible without the guidance & support of the Yogapreneur Collective – and now they get to teach it to other Yogapreneurs! They love being in yoga business owners’ corners as they grow their businesses into assets that transform the lives of their students, and brings so much joy into their own lives. 

Terri [Yoga Biz Coach]

With deep roots in Retail and Corporate America, Terri brinsg a unique and profit-centric entrepreneurial spirit to the Nomad Business Coaching team. Clients can expect high energy, no excuses motivational coach who will help to identify challenges and build a path to solutions. 

She lends her 30+ years of professional experience, including being a successful Yoga Studio owner from 2015 – 2020, to being able to lead a profitable studio through all the obstacles life has thrown her way.

She has been recognized by Perkville Rewards Program as a power user and a Certified Mindbody Business Coach and can bring your studio the benefit of her vast experience in brand loyalty, points platforms, email/text drip marketing campaign planning, retail selection and display optimization, and more.

Terri was recognized by Mindbody with their Visionary Award in 2018 & 2019 and was a featured speaker at Mindbody’s Bold Conference in 2017. She currently resides in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio, and is available to collaborate with clients throughout the US and beyond.

Jennifer [Yoga Biz Coach]

Before opening her yoga business in 2013, Jennifer helped businesses go public. She was profit-focused and learned how to navigate high-stress, high-budget environments. Then, she founded her own small, boutique yoga studio in Lake Oswego,OR — Twist Yoga. She has worn all the hats, done all the jobs and made all the mistakes. 

And now, she gets to help you avoid some of the same mistakes and grow your ethical, profitable yoga business!

She can also be found as a frequent guest on podcasts, speaking at events, writing for wellness magazines and blogs, traveling, and spending time with her two kids, husband, and two rescue dogs; Elmer and Dante. 

Jennifer is also a Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon and a Mindbody’s One Champion Board Member.

Chesley [Yoga Biz Coach]

Chesley lives for adventure and new experiences! As the founder of Camp Yoga, she spent 6 years living nomadically and running events across the US and Canada. In total, she has been to over 300 yoga studios! 

She has taught at mom and pop studios, in locations from downtown NYC, to Toronto, Vancouver and LA. Chesley has a high level of compassion for listening and meeting studio owners where they’re at. 

As a yoga business coach, she knows that there is no one size fits all solution. Finding the perspective that works for you and digging into the numbers to grow your business is her specialty. 

Outside of coaching, you can find her hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and traveling. She enjoys the forest and mountains over the beach any day of the week.

Mara [Social Media Wiz]

Mara started out with the Yogapreneur Collective back when we were a yoga studio in Alberta and has grown with us into the resident Social Media Wizard!

She has worked with One Fire Hot Yoga Festival and completed the Social Media Examiner Facebook Ads Summit, Facebook Ads Mastery, Facebook BluePrint, and Google Analytics course.

From working in a yoga studio for years, she understands the importance of community, a yoga practice, and the studio space. That’s why she wanted to be able to communicate that for studios online.

As the Social Media Wiz for the YC, she helps yoga studios just like yours thrive on social media using engagement-driven strategies and methods to help you become an authority in your community through Social Media management, audits, and Facebook and Google Advertising.

Connie [Yoga Biz Consultant + Web Designer]

Connie is a web designer, digital strategist & Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant. She helps fitness and yoga studios tame the tech of studio ownership and make a name for themselves online. 

She designs search engine optimized Squarespace websites that are easily found, easy to update, and give your customers an amazing experience with your brand—both online and in the studio. Providing a clear, beautiful, and intentionally-designed client experience online is at the core of everything she does.

From the moment she took on her first yoga studio client in 2014, she fell in love with the industry and the hard-working, passionate folks who open and run studios. Since then, she’s taught workshops at Yoga Journal events, presented at MINDBODY University, and worked with amazing studios across the country (and beyond!) 

Are you ready to work with a Yoga Business Coach?

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