“I care for myself, feel aligned, and still pay the bills.”

Have you been crushing it lately? Or are you spending too much time working on things you hate…  

You need time to practice. Or else you’ll feel drained – taking away from the passion you once had to open your business in the first place. 

Owning a business means you never have enough time. Even when the money is great – it can be a never-ending challenge. As the business owner, you take on all the risks – including the stress that comes with it.

Sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself. When you’re putting every ounce of effort into running your studio, it can feel like self-care is on the back burner. The lack of practice can leave you feeling off-balance. Use yoga to keep yourself grounded.

Truth → If you’re losing your passion, you need to make a change

Sometimes the money isn’t enough to keep you going. You need a sense of normalcy again. A regular work schedule, more time for your family, and more time for yourself.

You’re not the only one who gets overwhelmed by their yoga business. Many in the Yogapreneur Collective felt this way too. Nathalie came to me exhausted and ready to make a change. 

She spent decades building her knowledge about yoga and running a business. She traveled from L.A to India, immersing herself in the culture. When she built up the courage to open a studio, things went great. Her brand and studio grew – she was successful. As she got older, her feelings changed about her studio. 

“When I hit my 40s I realized I need freedom to travel and practice yoga myself”

Nathalie Croix,

Lack of self-care left her feeling disconnected and unstable. Nathalie met with me and brainstormed with the YC about how to redesign her brand to fit the life she wanted. 

Truth → There are options to change your business

“We shifted my brand to be completely online… I care for myself, feel aligned, and still pay the bills.”

Nathalie Croix,

The key to Nathalie’s success was finding creative solutions to balance profitability and freedom. She invested time and energy into building her online clients and services but freed up time later.

Nathalie thought she’d be sad to see her in-person studio go, but she found it was exactly what she needed. Her career still involves her passion, and she doesn’t have to compromise her self-care. 

Truth → YOU have the power to find work-life balance

Getting lost in the stress of running a business doesn’t have to be your “normal”. If you find yourself drowning in work, we can make changes to get you on the path to work/life balance.  

Nathalie is just one example – there are many ways to realign your studio. Change doesn’t have to mean selling your studio and transitioning to fully online. That’s just the solution we came up with for her needs – your needs could be totally different.

Maybe your change is creating systems to better manage your tasks. It could be scaling back your class schedule and leaning into marketing your most profitable services. The possibilities are endless.

Unsure how to change your business to lighten your load? Join the YC for a community of other yoga business owners like you. We ask questions, give advice, and learn new ways to find freedom and maintain (or increase!) profitability. Get on the path to less stress and more time for your practice!

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