It’s all about engagement – no ring required

It’s all about engagement – no ring required

When the crisis hit earlier this year and we all had to close our studio doors, panic was high on the list of what we were feeling. But as time wore on, we entered this weird stage of limbo – waiting to find out what would happen next with no firm end in sight.

Truth→ Limbo wears you out mentally. 

You want to move on. So does everybody else. But what does moving on look like right now?

For you, moving on needs to look like a change in posture from being on the defensive to being on the offensive. Instead of waiting for something to happen, it’s time to take action. Now. 

Realize the things you do now – the actions you take – will pay off three months from now. 

You want to be at the party

I don’t mean an actual party. That’s not cool right now. So where is the party? Where are your people hanging out?

Your people are online. More than ever. The amount of time people spend online went through the roof during lockdown. And even as we inch toward a new normal, it hasn’t come down much. People are online looking for information, entertainment, and to connect with other people

So where do you need to be? You need to be where the eyeballs are. And that means social media. 

Start now! This needs to be part of your plan for reopening.

You want more than just being liked

When we talk social media, you want what every yoga studio wants: social media accounts that get you more members, keep your existing members, and are easy to manage

Sounds simple, right?

Not exactly. 

See… you can’t just BE on social media. You need to ENGAGE on social media. 

What does that mean? Is it just collecting likes? Nope. Thumbs up alone aren’t going to get it done for you and your business. 

Truth → To crush it you NEED great social media engagement!

Crushing it means you get to run your dream studio, complete with a thriving community, packed classes, a real paycheck, AND a personal life. 

Trust me, you want to crush it. 

You want to engage your audience

Likes, impressions, reach, shares, website clicks – they’re all PART of audience engagement. Which metrics are important to you depends on what you’re going for. We can all agree that someone sharing your post onto their personal page with a comment about why they think you’re awesome is better than a simple like. Even better may be someone clicking through to your website where they can check out your classes. 

Question Should you worry about algorithms? Nope. Why not? Because Algorithms change ALL THE TIME. It’s a waste of time to try to figure them out or put the latest hacks in place. 

So, what is the secret to great social media engagement?

Try this → Make the person on the other side of what you are doing the priority! 

That is how you create raving fans. That is how you create brand evangelists. 

  • Read the reviews and comments posted on your accounts 
  • What are your customers telling they LOVE about your studio? Highlight the heck out of that in your posts
  • Look for common threads that can direct your content
    • What questions do they have?
    • What are they looking for? 

Whether it’s stories, live videos, or IGTV on Instagram, posts or videos on Facebook, focus on your audience. Their wants. Their needs. What gets them excited about yoga. Ask them questions. Listen to the answers. 

It’s time to get dialed in to your social media. Remember, actions you take today will pay off three months from now. That means no waiting around. 

TruthYour goal with social media is ENGAGEMENT. Because even without a ring, it’s still a commitment. 

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