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You know that social media is an extremely effective marketing channel for your yoga studio, but maybe you aren’t sure where to start. Content marketing—especially social media content marketing—requires several key ingredients mixed in just the right way to draw new students into your sales funnel and keep them coming back for more.

When you start seriously considering social media content marketing, you’ll find more questions than answers (at first):

  • Which social media platforms are best for yoga studios? 
  • What type of content performs best with my target audience(s)?
  • Tik-Tok or YouTube…. or Reddit?
  • When is the best time to publish social media posts for yoga studios?

They say 99% of internet users are consumers of content that only 1% make

This post will teach you how to cross over from the 99% to the 1% by creating an effective, cross-platform social media marketing campaign that drives new students to your yoga studio and retains current students with useful, informative content.

Luckily, you don’t have to attempt yoga social media alone. Josh Biro is a yoga studio business coach who helps owners like you tackle the difficult aspects of scaling and marketing that often prevent yoga studios from reaching their potential. So…

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Why Social Media Matters for Yoga Studios

Social media has a unique way of reaching audiences. The different platforms allow creators to produce whatever message they want to market in a variety of formats—posts, short-form videos, vlogs, infographics, polls, etc.

This is specifically important for business owners, including yoga studio owners, because of social media’s ability to raise brand awareness by directly engaging with their target audience. 

Yoga social media posts can reach audiences that weren’t aware of your services before. Through consistent and thorough social media content, brand awareness will start to build. In addition, social media content marketing is cost-efficient. With little to no budget, social posts can reach a substantial number of potential students. 

Overall, social media allows yoga studios to expand their awareness and target reach, all while using little to no budget. 

Factors that Impact What to Post 

Before we get into the factors that impact what yoga studios should post on social media, the first thing you need to do is switch your social media accounts to business accounts if they aren’t already. This allows you to use analytics to further understand the best way to use your social accounts to grow your yoga studio. 

There are different factors that determine the yoga social media posts that are best for growing your yoga studio’s brand awareness. These factors include the social media platform, sponsored vs. organic, and time of day. 


Depending on the type of yoga social media post, different platforms may be more beneficial than others. Some platforms have networking use-cases like Linkedin and Facebook, while others have more of a creative purpose like Tik Tok or Instagram. 

There was more specialization across different platforms earlier in social media’s brief history—YouTube was for long-form videos, and Instagram and TikTok were for short-form videos, for example. However, multiple platforms have evolved to offer a set of similar features, including static posts, polls, and short and long-form videos. 


The target audience you want your yoga social media post to reach determines where you should publish the post. Different demographics tend to utilize different platforms more frequently. For example, Facebook is a great way to target older social media users, like moms who might be interested in yoga. A post geared towards that target audience would be the most successful on this platform vs. another. 

If you’re trying to target more of a younger audience, such as college students, TikTok and Instagram would likely be more suitable for your studio.

Sponsored vs. Organic 

Yoga studies have shown that users tend to react better to organic content vs. sponsored content. Sponsored posts refer to posts that have a sales agenda behind them. Organic content refers to posts that seem natural, like behind-the-scenes content. 

When consumers are shown organic, real, and entertaining content, they build a stronger connection with the creator. 

Sponsored posts can come across as sales ads, and no one wants to be pitched at constantly. However, audiences won’t be as turned off if there is a balance between the types of posts. As a general rule, sponsored content should be posted for every five organic posts. 

Time of Day 

The time of day affects who and how many people will see your yoga social media post. Facebook and Instagram allow you to see when your post is being viewed by your followers. Fortunately, the creators of the platforms have made it relatively easy to figure this out.

Now that you have switched your accounts to business, you can get this information in the settings right on the app. This will tell you what time of day your posts are seen by the most amount of people.



Instagram is the second most downloaded social media app in the world. Its users are mostly Millennials and Gen Z, and its reach is quite international. The majority of users come to Instagram for entertainment and to follow up on brands, products, organizations, and influencers they like. 

As a result, your social media followers are going to be accounts that already know and trust your yoga studio. In order to expand your audience, you’ll have to utilize the app’s features and hashtags to come up in searches. 

Best type of content 

Content that increases the number of people that see your profile, as well as creating a profile that is credible and interesting, is the best content to utilize for Instagram. You can accomplish this by using instagram’s features such as Feed posts, Instagram live, and stories.  

Feed posts

It is no secret Instagram algorithm isn’t the best. Feed posts can be buried under the sponsored content that Instagram chooses to push. Low exposure to your feed posts can result in low engagement rates.

However, feed posts are still very important, especially for a yoga studio. If a potential client were to find your social media page and consider trying a class at the studio, your feed posts on your profile would be a deciding factor. Keeping your feed clean, trendy, and portraying your services is essential in showing people your yoga studio is worth trying out and won’t disappoint. 

Instagram Live

Going live on your Instagram account is a great way to access your audience organically. Recording an Instagram live of your yoga class can show potential customers what they might expect from attending a class. Live videos are also great ways to answer frequently asked questions about your yoga studio. 


Instagram stories are essential when utilizing the platform for your yoga studio. Think of the stories tool as an electronic bulletin board. Each story acts as a flyer. This is where you would put any information your students or potential students should know. 

If your studio is running a promotion, posting a story of the details gets the message across. When your story comes up on your followers’ feeds, they’ll know the current promotion and be more motivated to attend a class. 



Facebook’s audience is broad and highly engaged. The average user logs in about eight times a day and spends an average of 38 minutes on the app. Though Facebook is the most used social media app for Baby Boomers in the US, the global impact of Facebook reveals a different story—globally, the average Facebook user is between 25 and 35 years old. 

All different types of demographics use the platform, and the platform’s creators even made it easy to target them. Using hashtags and interest groups, you can create a specific audience.

Best Type of Content 

The best type of yoga social media posts for Facebook include interest groups and promotion of company events. 


Facebook groups create a one-stop shop for possible students who also have the same interest and are possibly in the same area. Groups can be specific or broad, but all can be utilized for your yoga studio. More than likely, you will find a group along the lines of “yoga moms in __ .” If your yoga studio is located in the area, that is definitely a group you want to target.

One way to connect with the group is by asking the administrators for access. Then, you’ll want to attract attention to your studio without pitching to them. Offering a discount for being a member of the group or offering to host a group meet-up at the studio are both great approaches. 


Facebook videos are a good tool to utilize because they can be quick and attention-getting. Facebook users don’t want to spend too much time on one topic, so an eye-catching video could be a good way to capture an audience while promoting your yoga studio. 


Facebook events allow you to promote any event to large groups of people at once. You can provide details of your company’s event, schedule the event, and even provide directions all in one place.  



TikTok’s audience is interesting. All ages and people of all interests tend to use the social media platform. This makes TikTok a great way to access many different groups of people. TikTok has one of the best algorithms of all of the social platforms. An account that had some engagement in yoga content before will likely see your posts on their “for you” page if you’re consistent with posting.

Best Type of Content

The interesting thing about TikTok is that the content is less strict in order to be beneficial. A TikTok video could be as simple as “what a class looks like at the studio” or as complicated and creative as “spend 24 hours with me in my yoga studio.” Utilizing this platform is all about making people see your content repetitively, with the goal of having potential students say, “I’ve seen them on TikTok. I’ll give them a shot.”  

Trending Challenges 

Challenges on TikTok have become the criteria for a social media post to do well. While it might seem silly, completing a challenge that is trending could result in your video being seen by masses of people. Anyone following the challenge has the potential to come across your video. Even if it doesn’t have to do with yoga, trending videos will lead to profile clicks which grow brand awareness. 


TikTok videos can contain any message you would like to get across to your target audience. Posting a video of a class, recommending the best yoga gear, or general yoga tips all work as content for this social media platform. Not only will it grow interest from viewers, but it will build trust as you show your authority in the yoga world.


TikTok is a great way to show the studio in a non-business light. With behind-the-scenes videos, you can show the heart and soul of the company. An example of this is recording behind the scenes of a yoga class. This way, the viewer can see exactly what they would get if they went to a class. Getting to know the instructors on social media can push a potential student to try a class. Showing your studio is more than just a business and is a fun and stress-free environment can go a long way. 



Snapchat is social media platform with a primarily younger audience. It also has a different audience style than any other platform. Your Snapchat audience consists of the people that add your account. This doesn’t mean that Snapchat isn’t beneficial, though. There are still ways to connect with students. 

Best Type of Content

Studio Updates 

Posting a quick Snapchat video explaining updates with your yoga studio can be a great way to allow users to get to know your business on a more personal level. Say you’re renovating the studio. Snapchat stories can document the process and keep your clients informed, and potential clients intrigued. 

Interviews and Snapchat Takeovers

Snapchat stories can be fun and entertaining. Content can be lighthearted and allow people to connect with the studio, such as interviews with long-time clients. Story takeovers by instructors create a behind-the-scenes feel and allow the viewer to take a closer look at the studio.

Exclusive Content

Because your social media audience will consist of accounts that added you, you should reward them with exclusive content. Your Snapchat followers should be viewed as your loyal students who you already know feel a positive way about your yoga studio. Rewarding them studio perks is a great way to show your appreciation for adding your yoga studio’s Snapchat account. 


Since there is no “explore page” on Snapchat like there is on Instagram, there is no way for potential students to organically find the account. To gain social media followers, you’ll need to promote this platform elsewhere, such as offering a coupon code for adding the studio on Snapchat. 



It is important to keep the business side of your yoga studio professional. Using Linkedin, you can stay connected with other yoga studio owners and contact yoga instructors. On this social media platform, you might be reaching potential students to check the legitimacy of your studio, as well as potential employees. 

Best Type of Content 

Yoga social media posts on this platform should be professional with the purpose of enhancing the business side of the studio. 

Company Updates 

Linkedin is a great place to announce company achievements like anniversaries or possible awards. It is important to update your network on the success of your company and your plans to grow. This adds to the credibility of your studio. 

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a creative way to use Linkedin. With blog posts, you can generate content relevant to yoga or owning a business that attracts readers. More than that, blog posts can help grow organic traffic to your website if the post itself is showing up on Google. 


Even though LinkedIn is a professional social media site, people tend not to be interested in long paraphrased posts about the origin of your company. A faster and to-the-point method that keeps people interested is video posting. Some examples of this could be sharing the story of how your company formed or an educational post on a trending topic in the yoga world.

Example Yoga Studio Social Media Accounts 

To help give more insight into successful yoga studio social posts, here are some accounts that hit the mark when it comes to branding with social media. 

@resetyogaglaslow on Instagram is a great example of setting a theme for your feed posts, utilizing Instagram stories and an equal balance of sponsored and organic posts. 

@flowwithvictoria on TikTok does a great job of making unique content as well as staying consistent. 

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