What does it mean to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

No one could have predicted 2020. But it happened. Parts of it are still happening. Parts that affect all facets of your life – and your yoga business. You’ve been tested. But you’ve survived – and even thrived – despite all 2020 threw at you. 

Moving forward in 2021 means remembering one thing… 

You are yoga tough. 

What does yoga tough look like? Yoga tough is resilience. It’s stoicism. Yoga tough looks like you making it work – even now. 

You know that pit every entrepreneur gets in their stomach when things are good, but they worry about what will happen when they’re not? That pit has changed to worrying because things are tough right now. And you don’t know when (or if) they’ll get better. 

Truth→ We’ve gone through the fastest, most drastic consumer change we’ve ever seen. 

That means business had to change. Quickly. You had to be nimble, you had to be creative. You had to be brave. Times are tough. But you are tougher. Let’s talk about what it looks like to be yoga tough in 2021.  

Remember why you started your business in the first place.  

Why did you open a yoga studio? You fell in love with practicing which led to taking your practice deeper and training to teach. That still didn’t feel like quite enough. You wanted to change lives through yoga. Your way. So you opened a studio where you could do just that. 

You believed in yourself. You believed in your ability to change lives. And you succeeded. 

It was that level of belief that helped you succeed. And it’s that same level of belief that will allow you to move forward. Yoga strong.  

Recognize a fundamental change has occurred. 

You and your business are focused on health. Personal health matters. Inclusive personal health – physical, mental, and emotional health. 

We all know how important it is to be healthy. But… 

Truth→ If you know something to be true, but don’t need to change it… you won’t. 

Right now, if a person is overweight, obese, diabetic, or overstressed, they are in danger. This pandemic has shone a light on what it can mean to be unhealthy. 

More people are realizing that taking care of their health needs to be a priority. And those people are willing to pay for fitness. 

There has been a shift to preventive care. Away from just treating the symptoms. And yoga can be part of the answer. Yoga can help someone manage their weight. It can absolutely help someone manage their stress. 

You need to communicate how yoga can help. How YOU can help. 

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Marketing is about repetition. You need to share your message – the same message – over and over in order to reach your target market. To get them to act. 

Marketing experts used to say a consumer needed to see a message an average of seven times before they would take action. Not anymore.

Truth→  Google now reports it takes anywhere from 34 to as much as 150 messages to reach consumers.  

Whoa. 150 messages? 

Yep. Think about it. There are so many messages coming at us every day. Your brain is smart. It adapts to all the noise by simply tuning much of it out. 

So what can you do to reach your target audience? 

Start communicating sooner than ever before. 

The starting line of communication with a prospect used to be when they walked into the studio to take a class. 

Not anymore. 

That first moment of connection building is moving WAY up. It may be as much as 6 months or more before they actually come to your studio. 

You need to move the timeline of providing value way up, too! Show them your heart, demonstrate the value you offer, give your awesomesauce away BEFORE they visit! 

By the time people come into your studio, you’ve already sold them based on all the communication and connection that came before. Now your job is pretty simple. 

Don’t mess it up! 

Make sure you deliver on all the value you’ve sold them. What they experience needs to match who you were and what you did during the pre-visit time. 

How are you and your studio going to be “yoga tough” in 2021?

Running a successful, profitable yoga studio in 2021 is possible. Get comfortable sharing your message and your value – a LOT! Make 2021 the start of an exciting new chapter in your studio’s story.  

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