Yoga Studio Social Media | How to Meet Your Audience Where They Are

It’s undeniable that social media is where people spend a good portion of their day. Recent studies have shown that internet users were on average spending around 145 minutes a day browsing social media platforms. That’s over two hours spent just scrolling! 

Regardless of why people are spending so much time on social media, we can no longer deny the fact that your business NEEDS to get online to be seen. And not just with a website. Users need to be able to find your business where they’re already searching, and that is on social media. 

Your yoga studio needs to have a social media presence that reminds locals with an interest in yoga that you’re still operational, and ready to accept their business. But yoga studio owners tend to run into a few snags when trying to keep on top of their social media game. 

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The Biggest Challenges of Social Media for Yoga Studios

Although every yoga studio is different, there tends to be a few main challenges that present themselves to yoga studio owners: 


We find that just about every yoga studio owner wishes there were more than 24 hours in a day. Time constraints are a huge issue, especially when you’ve got so many other things to do to keep your yoga studio operational. Maintaining a regular posting schedule in between classes and all the other things you have to balance is so tricky. 

It becomes even trickier when you consider the fact that the content needs to be of good quality with a healthy dose of creativity thrown in. Hashtags need to be correctly used, and captions should be well thought out. As the list goes on, the task starts to look more and more impossible!


Changes in the social media game have not made things any easier either. It also means that those with business accounts have a rough time getting their yoga content to feature organically. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Most platforms have moved towards a pay-to-play business model – meaning it costs money to get your content seen. 

On top of all this, each social media platform uses a different algorithm – and an ever-changing one might I add. So keeping up to date with the latest changes is time-consuming and confusing if you’re not tech-savvy – which brings us to the next point.


If you’ve never created a social media strategy before, the entire concept can be confusing and overwhelming! With so much to take into consideration, you can feel left feeling stranded – receiving little ROI to thank you for your efforts. 

And nowadays, you have to spend money on your social media to ensure that your posts are being shown to the right audience. But this is a ridiculous leap of faith when you don’t know if your efforts will return any revenue whatsoever. 

What You Need to Know About Social Media for Yoga Studios

Social media is an integral part of attracting new members. If you understand the importance of your yoga studio’s presence on social media, you can make it happen! Let’s dive into a few ways you can create a yoga studio marketing strategy using social media. 

Schedule Content Regularly

Content needs to be scheduled regularly so that your audience gets used to hearing from you, they know your brand voice, and so that you stay on top of social media algorithms. But with organizing yoga classes and possibly leading them, it can be hard to remember to create posts in between all of your other responsibilities. 

Leaning on scheduling tools can make your life a whole lot easier, and your social media strategy run more efficiently. These are a few of the best scheduling tools on the market right now: 

  • Planoly
  • Hootsuite
  • Later
  • Sprout Social
  • Facebook Creator Studio

Once you’ve figured out how to use them and watched a few tutorials, these tools can make your life a whole lot easier! Social media won’t have to be at the top of your mind every day, instead, you can focus on what matters knowing that your posts are going out seamlessly.

It Takes a Community

Rather than creating all your social media posts from scratch, make use of UGC (user-generated content). This means when a yogi posts a picture or video of themselves in your studio, give it a repost. You can also encourage your students as well as your yoga instructors to tag the business – this way their advertising for you on their own feeds. 

Make Use of Video

Videos are shared on social media 1200% more times than images and text. If you want to go viral, or simply reach more people, the best way to do it is through video. It’s also shareable on multiple platforms, you just have to adapt it slightly for each. 

For instance, variations of the same video can be posted on Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube. This way, you’ll reach a wider audience than if you only shared the video on one platform, and your content will go a little further. 

Stay on Top of Trends

If you haven’t noticed this already, then this nugget of gold could be revolutionary for your social following. If you hop on new trends, algorithms reward you for it. This can be done in numerous ways: 

  • Making use of new features – when Instagram brought out Reels, they promoted them really hard. So if you uploaded a Reel it was much more likely to show up on the Feature page than any other type of content. 
  • Using sounds that are trending – If a song becomes popular on a social media platform, use it in one of your videos and it will be more likely to feature. 
  • Hop on format trends – if there is a certain format of video that keeps popping up on your page, implement that same formula and watch the views roll in. 

Social Media Yoga Studio Marketing That Brings Results

The bottom line will always be to bring in more revenue. You don’t want to waste time on social media if it’s not going to show results – we get it. But if you implement these strategies, you’re likely to see a boom in your following that you’ve never seen before. And in turn, more customers through your studio doors. 

Ready to get your yoga studio trending online and IRL? It’s time to jazz up your social media strategy. 

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