Who Needs a Yoga Business Coach? 

The answer to, “Who Needs a Yoga Business Coach” is probably very similar to the answer that you’d give a student who asks why they should practice with a teacher. Can you learn yoga on your own? Sure. Do you stand to learn a lot more, improve your postures, and gain confidence practicing with a teacher? Almost always. 

Yogapreneurs are no different. Can you run a business on your own? Sure. Do you stand to learn a lot more, improve your systems and marketing, and avoid the mistakes that other yoga business owners have made with a Yoga Business Coach? Absolutely. 

Whether you need someone to show you the ropes when you’re first starting out, your business is struggling along, or you’ve hit a plateau, a Yoga Business Coach can help your business to thrive. 

Yoga Business Coaches are trained to partner with your business at every point throughout your journey and help make adjustments and improvements. They’re experts at what they do, and at the Yogapreneur Collective, they’re trained in the Yogapreneur Business Method. 

When you have a Yoga Business Coach in your corner, they guide you into a new ‘posture’ of your journey. After all, if your business is not growing, it’s dying – if you’re not taking steps forward, you’re moving backward. 

In life, in yoga, and in business, it is important to keep striving for new goals. As a yoga business owner, you need to stay current, relevant, and to present your yoga business as one worth taking note of! Let’s take a look at why your studio could do with a Yoga Business Coach.

Why a Yoga Business Coach is Important

If you’re a yoga business owner (or Yogapreneur, as you’re called around here!), and wondering why you should hire a Yoga Business Coach, then I encourage you to think about it this way:

Would you tell a potential yoga student that they’re in good shape, and therefore don’t need yoga? We’d sure hope not!

You’d likely tell them that there is always room for improvement, whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and that yoga is a great avenue to stretch – both literally and figuratively! – beyond their current limitations. 

As a yoga business owner, you also need to continue to improve so that your business never stops growing. Continually deepening your practice is the only way to keep getting better, in yoga and in business – so it’s an important step on the journey. 

But doing it alone can be difficult, especially if you don’t know which direction to turn in order to take steps forward with your yoga business. Bringing in a professional and experienced coach that specializes in your niche can only be of great value to your business, now and in the future!

When to Hire a Yoga Business Coach

From professional athletes and their coaches to CEOs and the consultants that guide them, nearly every top-performing professional has some sort of coach behind them. Without a Yoga Business Coach, yoga business owners may end up plateauing in revenue and profit, and be left unsure of what to do next. 

But at which stage should you bring a Yoga Business Coach into your journey? The answer – you can lean on one at whatever stage of business you are in. This is because there are always improvements that can be made to take your business to the next level. 

Your next level may look different from other yoga business owners’ next level. You may want to expand your revenue, personal income, or community outreach. Ultimately, you likely want to make a larger impact in your business without sacrificing your own health and wellbeing – in your body or bank account. 

Here’s how a Yoga Business Coach can help you each step of the way: 

When You’re Opening Your Yoga Business

Opening a yoga business can be a lot, especially if you’re new to being a Yogapreneur. If it’s something you’ve never done before, there are many pitfalls to avoid – and a Yoga Business Coach can help you to effortlessly navigate these.

In the beginning, you’ll likely be unsure of the steps you need to take as a yoga business owner, so let an experienced mentor guide you through the process. You’ll need to market your new business the right way to get your name out there, having a little help on this front can help you save time, money, and a TON of stress in the long run.

For a new business, you’ll also need to put systems into place to ensure a smooth-running operation. A little guidance can save you time that you may waste not having systems, or putting the wrong ones in place. It also saves you a lot of trial and error. When you set up systems that have longevity, it saves you from a lot of admin work or redoing things at a later stage along your journey. 

Avoiding silly mistakes will prevent you from experiencing great frustrations and give you an edge against your competitors. Having a Yoga Business Coach at the early stages of opening your studio will give you an advantage that gives you a leg up on the competition and sets you up for long-term peace of mind.

When You’re Experiencing Growing Pains

Your business boomed shortly after getting started, but now what? If you are struggling to grow after your business showed initial promise, then guidance is needed to keep the business going, and eventually lead it to thrive. 

It is common for yoga business owners to reach a point of burnout. You may have let years pass without taking a proper vacation, or the turnover in your business may have become exhausting. Or, you may have plateaued and aren’t sure what to do next to move forward. 

In yoga business, there is a strong push to open the doors to your business and start teaching yoga classes, all with the best of intentions. However, we find that people who don’t expand their yoga studio teams also end up running every portion of their business themselves. What they’ve done is created a job for themselves rather than a business. 

When you’re experiencing growing pains, it is important to partner with someone who can help advise you on how to maintain your growth while taking time for yourself. This means a Yoga Business coach who can advise on building your team, systems, and procedures so that your business can run itself and give you more personal time back in your life. They will help you understand your numbers, marketing, and systems so that you can stop working ‘in’ the business and keep working ‘on’ your passions. 

When You’ve Hit a Plateau

Often yoga businesses start with a boom and continue to do well, but they stop growing. You didn’t start your business to just be ‘getting by’.

Or, let me put it another way: holding a pose is great for your students, but this isn’t something you want to let happen to your business. 

If you’re getting comfortable, it’s time to level up. And when you’re unsure what to do next, a Yoga Business Coach can offer insights on where you’ll need to direct your energy. It’s very easy to lose momentum and motivation at this point, but this is in fact one of the moments that define your business – choosing to grow rather than settle will set you up for success. 

As a Yogapreneur, you’ve been working hard at your business to create something you’re proud of. But it’s also important to take some time off and find a way for your business to operate and generate profit. A Yoga Business Coach can help you achieve this, and find ways to increase your own salary to make your life more comfortable at the same time.

A Yoga Business Coach can offer insights on how to leverage strategic marketing, train your team, and implement processes to help you move past a plateau and into more consistent growth. 

When You’re Planning for Growth

Planning further growth within your yoga business requires incredibly strategic thinking. A Yoga Business Coach might see opportunities in places you haven’t yet considered. Having these fresh eyes and a new perspective could be exactly what your business needs to make it to the next level. 

If you want to keep winning well into the future, then having a mentor with the right mindset will help your business to go far. Implementing further growth plans might require you to take a step back from the business, allowing others to run and take over certain portions of the work to enable further growth. It could also mean opening multiple studios, or perhaps your Yoga Business Coach has an even greater vision for the direction of your yogic business. 

When You’re Planning Your Exit Strategy

Bringing a Yoga Business Coach on board is especially important when you’re planning your exit strategy. This could be completely automating the running of the business so that it can run smoothly without you, freeing up your time to focus on other projects, or yourself. 

It could also mean that your business was a successful one, but now you feel it’s time to move on or that you no longer want to have the responsibility on your shoulders. Having someone to guide you and mentor you through the sales or closing process can be immensely helpful. A Yoga Business Coach knows the intricacies of stepping away from your business and can help you make sure that it is advantageous for you. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re just starting on your Yogapreneur journey, or you’re well on your way with a successful business, having a Yoga Business Coach can help you in many ways. You may have heard the adage, “It’s lonely at the top.”. In Yogapreneurship, that means that while you may know plenty of other yoga business owners, you might not have friends in the industry that you can go to for sound, personalized advice. 

A Yoga Business Coach works with studios worldwide and can advise you on your next step, all while helping you think several steps ahead. They have their finger on the pulse of industry cutting-edge strategies and trends and are keenly aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Guiding you through the next steps to generate more income, more impact, or more time for yourself.  These mentors are not just for yoga studios that are struggling, but rather for any and every Yogapreneur ready to tackle the next stage and become even more profitable. 

Connect with a yoga business coach and start working on your business today, whatever phase you’re in or working towards.

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