Be BOLD, be authentic, and never stop adapting!

As yogis, we believe in the power of yoga. No matter how your story began – a transformation of mental health, physical health, healing, or spirituality – it was life-changing. 

You took the leap to open a yoga business because of this power. Not because it’s the cool, trendy thing to do. We went through a rough patch as business owners. Many studios closed their doors for good. But there is hope! Doors have opened, and studios are thriving! 

It’s time for yogis to rise from the ashes and reinvent their business!

Many of us have been practicing for years, even decades! This isn’t because of a “trend”. So why do we keep hopping on waves and bandwagons when it comes to our studios? Why are we doing what everyone else is doing? NO MORE!

Now is the perfect time to try something new. You can restructure your business to be authentic and UNIQUE. Your studio is special – it deserves this attention. 

Truth → You have innovation within!

Otherwise, why did you open a business? In an ever-changing world, we have to adapt and seek innovation to thrive. Let it out!  Use it to destroy the box the world tries to put you in. Make your studio unique and draw attention.

Let me tell you a story about my friend Val.

She sought out the Yogapreneur Collective years ago looking to grow her business. She liked running a smaller studio when she had little kids – but it was time for a change. 

“I worked with Josh to help me engage my community, resulting in doubling my studio size in 2013”

Val Sklar Robinson, Hot Yoga Pasadena

We came up with unique ways to market her studio, new ideas to run her business, and Val put in all the work! Her fearlessness paid off – and continues to.

In 2020, most yoga studios had to close their doors. Across California, there was absolutely no in-person yoga for MONTHS. Studios had to come up with techniques from scratch to survive.

Josh pitched innovative ideas to stay afloat and keep moving forward”

Val Sklar Robinson, Hot Yoga Pasadena

Val’s studio did in fact survive. Now, she’s taking things to the next level. She’s not only rediscovering her brand and client base but creating an entirely new style of yoga. This is the innovation it takes to THRIVE.

Truth → Good change takes more than guts

This story is inspirational. There are yogis like Val across the world who found ways to innovate, adapt, and survive through a trying economic period. But it takes more than guts to succeed.

The YC was there for its members when they needed it most. We supported each other, pitched ideas, and found solutions. 

You can try to do everything on your own, but why would you? You could have a community of support. People who are going through the exact same struggles as you!

Be BOLD, be authentic, and never stop adapting!

Without guidance and community, a lot of yogis end up blindly following trends and hoping for results. The YC offers tools for good business practices so you can be creative where it counts!

Need help staying current and connected? Join us in the YC for a community of yogapreneurs looking for the same thing. Let’s rise from the ashes and thrive together. Your studio and style can look and feel different than it ever has before. 

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