“The YC helped me amplify my community impact by inspiring people with my story”

We’ve discussed the power of storytelling – your story is IMPORTANT! It draws people in and gives them something to relate to. Your story can create a shared experience for your clients. 

So how do you write your story? Create a lengthy testimonial from childhood to now? Describe all your milestones and yoga knowledge? NO! This would be a cool idea for a book, but not attracting clients to your studio.

Truth → Your story needs purpose

Tip #1:  Decide on your studio’s primary focus

Do you want to focus on healing? A place of stress relief? An oasis to get away and recharge? Your studio may do all of these things, but you can’t market all of them at once – choose what’s most important to you.

This will draw in the people who are most excited about your studio. If they can relate to your problem, and want your solution – it will result in a sale for you and satisfaction for the client. That’s how you make brand evangelists. 

Truth → Casting a wide net isn’t effective in your business

Tip #2: Connect your story to the atmosphere of your studio

I have an example for you: one of the Yogapreneur Collective members had a great story of how she came into yoga. 

After years of back pain, Robin tried Bikram yoga to help with the pain. Through a long journey, she experienced healing and transformation – inspiring her to open her studio.

Robin joined the YC because she wanted ideas of how to grow her business.

Here I found tools to innovate, help others, and grow my business”

Robin Brace, True Bikram Yoga

We encouraged her to lean into her original story but focus on the healing aspect. After aligning her marketing with her desired atmosphere, Robin saw a boost in business.

“The YC helped me amplify my community impact by inspiring people with my story”

Robin Brace, True Bikram Yoga

Instead of trying to cast a wide net to include everyone, she gave her story purpose and saw success. She attracted the people most aligned with her studio’s focus on healing.

Truth →Your story needs a transformation

Tip #3: Format your story: Problem → Solution → Transformation

Now that you have your story in mind, split it up into this format!

Describe the problem you faced. This should be somewhat detailed and very relatable. We are humans! We naturally want to relate to other humans. 

Next, transition into your solution – spoiler alert, it’s yoga. This is where you get to be creative. Your solution should align with the atmosphere you picked for the target audience (healing, peace, escape, spirituality, etc). 

Express what you were feeling – be REAL. The reader will appreciate your vulnerability. They won’t just see you as the owner, they will feel connected to you. 

The last part of your story should highlight your transformation. “ I went from _____ to _____”. Again – be detailed and real. The more you lean into this, the more effective your story can be.

Tip #4: YOU GOT THIS! Go crush it!

It’s fun to talk and think about your story, but you need to take action. It can be scary to put your story out there – I get it. 

Don’t let fear hold you back from making a boss marketing move to draw in clients. As a business owner, it’s important to keep an open mind, try new things, and stay relevant. 

Truth → There’s no need to do this alone

If you are hesitant to start, It’s OK! I can help you curate your story. Even if you don’t think your yoga experience is marketable, I’m sure it is! Join me and the YC – we’ll help you market your story and amp up community interest. 

Let’s build your testimony! For help reaching your community with your story – and boosting your sales, join a FREE Strategy Session with me.

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