Flighty to Focused – Actually Get Sh!t Done

As a business owner you’ll have days of overwhelm. When you get to the studio there are a million things to do – it’s hard to know where to start. When this happens, what do you do?

Let me guess… You slowly let it pile on until you freeze. Procrastination leads to more tasks stacking up. 

What’s your method to solve this? Do you have a plan in place? If you’re like most of us yogis at the YC, probably not… IT’S OK!  That’s why we’re talking about it.

Truth → effective business owners don’t fly by the seat of their pants

I can say this because I started off the same way. When my first studio opened I just went with the flow – you’re doing it too. It’s natural to us and part of being a yoga person! 

If you want to get on track, grow your business, and reduce stress →  you have to evolve. I’m not asking you to change who you are… I’m asking you to expand your mind! You’ll need to develop new skills and systems to lessen the load.

Your business should be like your child. It is a part of you, but separate from yourself. Over the years you nurture it, invest in it, and let it grow until it can function without your constant supervision.

Your tool: POWERFUL short term goal setting.

This is hard work. But it pays off in time and money. YOU can learn to break it down, create task lists, and move forward!

Truth → large goals are a sum of many small goals

To start off, set a big goal – something that would take a year or more to achieve. I’ll pick a common one people in the yogapreneur collective choose; doubling a studio’s membership by next year.

This can be overwhelming to achieve by just going with the flow. You have to be intentional to make big changes!

What you can do is break this up into 4 medium-size quarterly goals – uplevel marketing, increase outreach, build an online yoga library, sell memberships to new students, etc. For now, let’s imagine your first smaller goal is to uplevel marketing.

Make that the focus of this quarter. How are you going to do it? Break it into small, manageable tasks. A quarter is 3 months, so pick 3 monthly tasks (1 a month). For example:

Update your facebook page → invest a month to grow your followers (people who like the page)

Upgrade your instagram → get a professional photoshoot (or really good aesthetic photos by you / your team) and post regularly

Find local partners → or brainstorm ways to engage your community. Become a known studio in your city!

After that you can break these down into 4 weekly goals (1 a week) for the month. Let’s play into the instagram example:

Week 1 →  Schedule / prepare for a photoshoot

Week 2 → Visit canva and find some cool instagram templates

Week 3 → Comprise a folder of 20-30 great business photos in template form

Week 4  → Launch first photo and create an instagram schedule with 3 posts a week

From there, break every weekly task into 5 daily tasks (1 per business day). Let’s go with the week 3 example:

Day 1 → Create the folder in g-drive

Day 2→ Edit 10 photos into the template form

Day 3 Edit 10 photos into the template form

Day 4 Edit remaining photos 

Day 5 Organize folder in order of desired posts and brainstorm possible captions

In 1 week you are already closer to your big goal. YOU’RE CRUSHING IT! You’ll feel organized, accomplished, and focused!

Truth → You can crush your goals – no matter what size!

Here’s the flow we just established:

Big Yearly goal → 4 quarterly goals (1 a quarter) 

Quarterly goal → 3 monthly goals (1 a month)

Monthly goal → 4 weekly goals (1 a week)

Weekly goal → 5 daily goals (1 a day)

What we did was just break down one monstrous, seemingly-impossible goal into one easy task a day. YOU CAN DO THIS! Think about what a difference it would make to get out of your head and into a pattern of daily tasks that lead to HUGE goals. 

This is what we’re doing at the YC. We are taking intentional steps – laser focused on growing our business. We are ACTUALLY getting sh!t done! To learn more about the tactics and tools we use for goal setting and task management → join me for a free strategy session.

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