How to build your dream team to help run your dream studio.

A lot has changed in the past year and you’ve had to change with it. You’ve adapted to the virtual studio and now have a larger online presence… And you’re crushing it! 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to assemble a kick-butt team to help you run your dream studio. 

Truth → You can’t run your dream studio alone. 

You’re the one who put in the time and effort and took the risk. This is YOUR dream.

But you can’t do it alone. And you shouldn’t do it alone! How boring is that?! 

Truth → To take your dream to the next level you need to build your dream team. 

There are some very real steps you need to take to build your dream team. 

1. DEFINE what your dream team looks like.

Most yogis didn’t do this when they started out. At first you’re just happy to have some help. As you grow you get to be more picky about who joins your team.

Truth → Now it’s time to identify who EXACTLY fits into your vision for your team. 

This means you need to sit down and clearly define some things: 

Why does your studio exist?

You already know this, but it’s always good to revisit. 

For example… If you went into business to just make some money by running classes it really doesn’t matter who you bring onboard as long as they can run a class and not say anything offensive.

But… If you went into business to change lives through yoga then it absolutely matters who comes along with you on your journey. 

Only you know the answer to this question. 

What types of classes and activities do you want to offer? Will you offer something for everyone or are you going to specialize in certain areas?

What types of people will this require? Will you need someone who has broad experience and can teach a variety of classes or someone who is more advanced and teaches one specific class?

Truth → The most successful studios nailed down what their next hires will be like early. 

Once you’ve defined what your dream team looks like… 

2. Recruit the people that fit your vision. 

If you were building a log cabin you’d go find someone who is awesome at building log cabins. If you wanted to build a traditional house you’d get someone who does that. 

The builder matters. He or she is the person who helps you get what you want. 

Truth → The people you recruit will either help or hurt you in reaching your goals. 

This means you have to be intentional about where you look

Here are some places to find the best people for your vision:

  • Have a ‘careers’ section on your website. This is the FIRST place you should consider. This helps you NOW and in the future because you’ll have a reserve of applications to look back on later. 
  • Websites with yoga instructor registries (these will depend on your location so Google it and you’ll find some great sites). 
  • Reach out to other studios and/or instructors and let them know the type of people you’re looking for. 
  • Use social media to post ads (check out Facebook Ads).
  • Your own contacts – they already know somebody who fits your needs. 

You also have to be intentional in who you look at

Truth → As a business owner you are in charge of your brand. 

You will find “qualified” candidates who just don’t vibe with what you’re wanting to do in business. Don’t be afraid of turning away good people who don’t fit your vision. 

Truth → Who you hire is an exact representation of who you are as a business. 

At the end of the day, you want to be SUPER PROUD and 100% COMFORTABLE with your team. These are the people that you are going to journey with as you pursue your dream! 

As you’re recruiting the people who fit your vision for your studio…

3. Motivate your team as they join you on your journey. 

Most people don’t just want a job – they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. You can give them THAT! 

Truth → Your product is your team.

You might think your product is a yoga class but it’s not. Your product is your team, along with the community and experience you offer them. If your members just wanted any yoga class they’d have their pick of free yoga classes online. They choose your studio to interact with your team. 

Keep your team motivated and present so they can give their best to your members. There are some concrete ways you can do that:

  • Set clear expectations. Work is more fun when you know what is expected from you. 
  • Create systems to keep your team accountable. Peer reviews and quarterly performance reviews are great tools for this! 
  • Get to know your team. Everyone feels more appreciated when someone makes the time to get to know them.
  • Communicate regularly with your team. Weekly meetings – no longer than 30 minutes – are one way to stay in touch with your team. Another great way is quick check-ins through email or instant messaging. 
  • Harness the experience of your team members. They have good ideas and they’ll feel even more connected to their work – your business! 

It’s always important to keep your team motivated, but…

Truth → Right now it’s especially important to keep your team motivated. 

You’re not seeing each other as much these days because so much is being done online. You’re also asking your team to do things they haven’t done before.

Don’t lose sight of this critical step in building your dream team. 

Truth → The difference between having “employees” and having a “team” is MOTIVATION. 

The final step you can take in building your dream team is to become a member of another dream team – the Yogapreneur Collective. 

At the Yogapreneur Collective we want to help YOU stay motivated. 

As a member of the YC you will join an awesome team of yogapreneurs just like you who are striving to build their dream teams to help run their dream studios! 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

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