How to plan your ideal work week and up-level your productivity

In 2019 you were on the offense. You focused on growing your yoga studio, setting up systems and making brand evangelists. Then COVID-19 hit, social isolation started and the business changed – A LOT.

All the sudden you had to pivot your business model, jump head first into new things like online classes and shifting marketing. It was a challenge, but you made it happen! Your yoga studio is weathering the storm because of your quick thinking and strategic shift. Now it’s time to transition to being fully open. 

Truth → It’s time to go on the offensive again!

You can almost feel it in the ether. People are ready to move forward. We’re talking about reopening, what comes next and how to enjoy the rest of the year. Make sure you haven’t conditioned yourself into a feeling of scarcity. It’s time to look at how to move forward!

Take it one task at a time

Feel like you’re doing too much at once? Overwhelmed by all your tasks and responsibilities? Right now, most people are feeling scattered and that includes business owners. It doesn’t matter how organized you are, we’re all feeling like there’s too much going on… Don’t forget to give yourself space.

Truth → You can’t do it all at once, NO ONE CAN!

Embrace yoga’s philosophical approach to life. You’re most productive when you’re focused on a single thing at any one moment of time. Multitasking will leave you scattered with a to do list that never seems to shrink.

Think of a yoga practice. You have two students. One comes in off-and-on, whenever it works for their schedule, but works really intensely when they’re there. The other works a little less hard but comes in four or five days a week religiously. After a year, which student will have more success? The one who never stops.

Truth → Most successful entrepreneurs block out their time and single-task.

It’s the same with your yoga studio. Trying to do everything at once and hustling like crazy is sometimes necessary, but if that’s your technique for success you’ll burn out.

Instead, set aside time to work on your business, stick to it religiously and accomplish something during those moments you’ll see success. In one session you might feel like you didn’t get everything done, but in the long run you’ll win. That’s the professionals vs. the amateurs. That’s how you deal with overwhelm.

Build your ideal work week

Take the time to build your ideal schedule. Sit down and think about what’s non-negotiable every week and plot it into your calendar. Be realistic about what needs doing and how much time it will take.

You might be thinking “I know I have to have personal time, family time, kid time, work ON my business time, work IN my business time… How do I make all that time fit?” The first step is tracking your time. For one week, write down how you’re spending your time right now so you have something to work with.

Truth → Planning your week starts with knowing yourself!

You’ll see how things have naturally calibrated and it’ll beg the question “Is this a bad time to do that or should I double down on what organically works for me?” This can be very clarifying. Your ideal work week doesn’t have to match anyone else’s as long as you stick to it!

Stick to the plan!

Planning your ideal work week isn’t the hardest part – sticking to it is. Remember, WHY you set up this schedule. If you’re with your kids but thinking about the business you’re not accomplishing anything for the business and you’re not present with your kids. If you’re at your studio and you’re thinking about your kids, you’re not doing a great job for your business and you’re not doing anything for your kids either.

Truth → You need the space to focus on each aspect of your life.

It’s like meal prep. It’s really hard to get into the habit, but once you do everything is easier. Work is done more effectively, you can be fully present with your friends and family and your stress melts away. That’s the joy of a well-balanced life.

Truth → For your ideal week to work, you HAVE to stick to it!

Be dedicated to your schedule. Barring an emergency with your kids or the studio burning down, nothing takes you from that moment of time. That means when you’re at home you can be ALL IN for that moment.

Eliminating this mental division is FUNDAMENTAL for you and your studio! It will ease that feeling of being scattered and reduce your stress. It’s more than getting organized, it’s organizing how you spend your time.

Not sure what to prioritize during your work time? Get the tools you need, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis in the Yogapreneur Collective! Run an insanely profitable studio so you can change more lives (and earn a real paycheck)!

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