Plan on having a hyper-profitable 2021.

This year is coming to an end. Thankfully. It’s time to start looking forward. Making plans. Setting goals. Something about a new year makes you examine all the parts of your life. Don’t forget to take a good, hard look at your business, too! 

Here’s the thing about your business, though. It’s not enough to just look forward to the coming year and dream about what might happen. You need to plan for the coming year and make things happen.

Truth → It’s time to start strategizing for 2021. 

Don’t wait for your business to pick up. Make your business pick up! 

If you want a hyper-profitable yoga studio, you need to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

Truth → NOT having a plan is the #1 cause of stress among yoga studio owners. 

Think there’s a ton of stress and anxiety in the whole planning process? Try creating and implementing an event without a plan. That will take your stress and anxiety to the next level. And stop creativity in its tracks. 

Once you have a written strategy, share it. Get your staff on board. Put it on your calendar and set goals. Bonus – you now have a focus for your marketing. 

Planning helps you focus on one thing at a time and absolutely crush it. 

Eliminate stress in your life and business by creating a plan for 2021! 

Truth → Taking the time to create a plan actually frees up more time later. 

You might think you don’t have time to plan but the exact opposite is true…

You don’t have time to NOT plan. 

Time is one thing we all have equal amounts of. One of the best uses of yours is to plan ahead – now – so that you won’t have to push an event forward later on… under stress. Planning ahead creates space because you won’t be struggling later to “make time” for a specific event. 

Develop your strategy for 2021 

PLAN your event(s). Set aside a day for you and your team to plan events for the coming year. Some ideas will be great, some okay, and others will just make everyone laugh. It’s all good. Just plan. 

PREPARE for the event(s) that end up on your calendar. Start reverse-engineering things. You’ve decided what it is you want to do. Now start laying the groundwork for how you’re going to get there. 

LAUNCH your event(s). You’ve planned and prepared your event – it’s time to launch with confidence. You are ready for this! This is the best part! 

Truth → Your ability to take action in this area will be the difference between KILLING IT IN BUSINESS and killing your dreams of having a successful business

Create events around a pattern that leads to success! 

ATTRACT – Get new students into your studio. Do something as simple as offering a free week – a trial of your studio and classes. Or combine that with a buddy-week where current members bring a friend who then gets a free week. 

Whatever you choose, the key is to get others into and around your business. 

SELL – You’re going to have to sell some stuff. Once you have someone’s attention, you need to offer them something to purchase. 

Your goal after attracting someone’s attention is to get them to buy into your business. 

WOW – Do something that shows off your awesome-sauce. You got someone’s attention. You got them to buy into your business. Now it’s time to take them to the next level and WOW them with one of your offerings. Maybe it’s a workshop geared toward current members where you can show off what sets your studio apart from others? 

This is your chance to show them they’ve made the right move and WOW THEIR SOCKS OFF! 

REFERRALS – Get people talking about your business. If you follow these steps you shouldn’t have to GET people to talk about your business. They’ll already be talking! You will, however, need to provide them space to do it. 

Provide your students space to leave an awesome review on your website or social media sites.

Truth → One of the best plans you can make for 2021 is to become active in a community of Yogapreneurs who are also focused on crushing it! 

The idea of strategic planning for an entire year can be overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. Don’t let it intimidate you! There is an entire community of passionate people just like you who want to see you succeed in your business. Here you’ll find other Yogapreneurs who have done what you want to do and who can help you along the way. 

Check out the Yogapreneur Collective where you’ll find more super relevant information and the tools you need to run your studio, combined with the knowledge of our expert coaches and dedicated yogis.

Plan on making 2021 your best and most profitable year ever! 

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