Maintaining your studio community during COVID-19

Around the world people are sheltering in place, practicing social distancing and canceling plans. It’s overwhelming, scary and inconvenient. Everyone is trying to figure out what the next few weeks will look like for them. There’s a lot of confusion out there for all of us. Of course, when you run a business, it gets complicated. Fast.

Yoga studios and other wellness businesses are looking for ways to serve and stay involved without the physical classes that typically sustain their community. I bet you are wondering what to do now, right? 

Truth → Your studio is more than your classes!

If I asked you what makes your yoga studio unique, I guarantee one of the first things you’d mention is your community. The community created around yoga is a unique, high-value thing other businesses don’t have in the same way. Your community is the backbone of your business. Lean into it.

Right now, your community is shaken. Everyone’s a little bit panicky and confused. There’s a lot going on. People are navigating TONS of changes – from having kids out of school and working from home to canceling spring break trips and other plans.

It’s a lot to handle… and they can’t go out for a drink or get in a yoga class to unwind. 

Listen, your community needs you right now!

You’ve spent years developing a brand. Your yoga classes and the experience you create in your studio changes lives. Your community looks to you for leadership and for help reducing stress. They count on your studio as part of their journey to becoming their best selves.

Truth → Now is the time for you to be a rock for them!

Show your community you’re here to support them. Show them you’re a resource for them to lean into. Hold steady and don’t add to any of their panic.

The BEST WAY to support your community is to show them you’re here for them.

When things get hard people come to your studio to relax and let their stress go. The world has gotten much more stressful in the past few weeks and honestly this will likely continue for a while. It’s important for you to hold space for them through this crisis.

What does this look like? Maybe online classes and encouraging social media posts. Or for you it might look like virtual live events, or even a reassuring tone on the phone. Anything you can do to reach out matters. You can do this!

Remember to take care of yourself too.

As the owner of a wellness brand, you’re in a unique position. Your community is looking to you for calm during the crisis. They know your practice supports a relaxed, healthy lifestyle – it’s what you’ve built your brand on.

Truth → Yoga is life-changing; lean into your own personal practice.

Self-care is VITAL. You cannot take care of your community if you’re not taking care of yourself. Keep breathing, meditate, and practice your pranayama. Hold space for your feelings and intentions and keep your personal yoga practice strong. It will get you through this challenging time.  

Remember, you’re not in it alone. The Yogapreneur Community has your back! We’re going to do everything we can to make sure you’re prepared and dialed-in to the best strategies for this time. This is your community to lean on.  

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is the true test – > what separates the professionals from the amateurs. Not Coronavirus specifically, but this… when the struggle is real, when things are totally outside your control, when life is completely unpredictable. This is the real test. I know you’re in the position to weather the storm successfully and be there for your community. I believe in you! 

I’m hosting a free webinar series to support YOU however I can. Sign up for The Yogapreneur’s Guide to Social Distancing: best practices for wellness businesses during this season of caution in response to COVID-19 now.

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Tune in with your questions about the transition and what it means for your studio. Don’t have specific questions? Join us for the community!

💻 And check out the webinar recordings.

We’re here to support each other.

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