Annual Visionary Retreat


November 5-10, 2023 • La Joya, Sayulita, Mexico

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Join us in paradise!

The 2023 Yoga Business Summit is the ultimate retreat experience for yogapreneurs: an annual visionary intensive designed to recharge both your soul and the soul of your business. 

Join us to get real insight and clarity into how you can sustainably grow your business. Leave with a strategic 12-month plan to crush your quarterly goals and confidently pave the way to multiply your impact, profit & inner peace.

Daily focus labs to help your business reach 30% more profit and beyond

Connect with speakers and facilitators who inspire and challenge you

Ground with daily yoga, meditation, and of course, plenty of beach time


As a Yogapreneur, you spend a lot of your day-to-day working IN your business, but not ON your business. Strategic planning, vision boards, and marketing calendars get pushed to the side… Resulting in fewer members, less new faces, and sinking revenue – meaning more work for you! 

Hey, being a Yogapreneur is a wild ride. 

But running a business without a strategy is the same as steering a sinking ship without a compass. If you don’t know where you’re going, the burnout will eventually lead you to the bottom of the sea. That’s not where we want you to be!   

IF you want your business to grow…

You NEED the clarity, direction, and accountability to transform your big picture goals into action. 

You ALSO NEED to rest & recharge so you can breathe life into your business, and continue to show up as the leader you want to be.
Fortunately, you get both in this year’s Yoga Business Summit.


The 2023 Yoga Business Summit is purposefully designed to reward you with a 6-day, 5-night experience to allow you to feel lighter, reawakened, and more connected with both your own soul and the soul of your business. 

Once the week is over, you’ll gain: 

  • clarity on where you’re at and where your business needs to grow, expand, or evolve to multiply your revenue and earn 30% more profit; 
  • the strategic coaching, insight, and accountability to shape your vision into action and help you stay true to your goals through 2024; and 
  • the 12-month strategic plan that will propel you to the finish line with more ease (and yes, more profit & peace year-round). 


Plus, you get to summit with the best! 

The entire Yogapreneur Collective expert team will be there! The Summit is only open to a small group of dedicated Yogapreneurs, so this is the perfect chance to ask our in-house experts how they built their own profitable yoga business – and how you can build and improve your own! 

How you’ll get from *What’s the Plan?* to...
Here’s the Plan to 30% More Profit

More profit means an increase in revenue. How the heck do you do that? We have a tried-and-true process to help you hit the numbers that will translate to bigger, better, and more of everything: more students, increased memberships, and efficient planning to keep it all running smoothly with happy faces on all fronts. 

Where you’re at. Where you’re going. And the top 3-5 goals you need to work on to reach your vision in the next year. Afterall, you can’t steer a ship without a compass. 

Build a macro task list and a solid accountability plan for yourself (and your team) on how you’re going to accomplish your vision. Teamwork only makes the dream work when you’re all on board.

Micro-level planning starts. Get specific on which dominoes you’ll tackle first, and the specific to-dos you’ll need to cross off your list to get your business sailing into fresh new waters.

If you thought stage 3 was detail-oriented, brace yourself: the last step wraps deadlines, timelines, and actionables to call your new 12-month strategic plan truly complete. Color-coding & naval puns optional.

  • Pre-Summit group meeting to answer all your questions and ensure you’re fully prepped to have the best summit experience ever
  • Pre-Summit 1:1 prep coaching call (1hr) to dial-in on any stats or pre-work needed for you to maximize your time onsite
  • Post-Summit 1:1 coaching call (1hr) to help you implement your strategic planning and give you the support you need to succeed
  • Post-Summit quarterly masterminds in 2024 to keep you accountable and on track with your vision for 1 full year after
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La Joya: Your quiet and secluded paradise by the sea.

Our destination is a hidden gem in Sayulita, Mexico, and the perfect setting to nourish your mind, body – and business – with therapeutic experiences meant for the soul. 

what's the schedule, you ask?

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You’ll leave the 2023 Yoga Business Summit with a solid plan of action and concrete resources to make your studio insanely profitable and finally get the year-round break you deserve!

PARADISE IN 1 2 3 ...

  1. Click the button to sign up 
  2. Choose your accommodation
  3. Block off your calendar and get ready: you’re in for a treat!

Make more money. Create more community. Take more vacations. 

Whatever your goal is, you won’t be able to materialize your vision unless you have a plan to put into action. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at the 2023 Yoga Business Summit! Together, we’ll create the strategic plan that will turn your biz dreams into reality.

…Profits & Paradise are only 1 click away!

What's included:

  • 6 day, 5 night boutique accommodations at La Joya (private rooms with A/C & either king or queen bed, or shared rooms available)
  • Healthy gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, prepared daily by a top-rated chef
  • Private transportation to & from Puerto Vallarta (PVR) airport
  • Daily yoga business labs in an inspiration-rich & distraction-free zone
  • Personalized 1:1 help from our team of coaches to help you craft a personalized strategy and implement it
  • Surprise workshops and events
  • Daily yoga & meditation to deepen your personal practice
  • Collaboration with other successful yogapreneurs in a small group setting
  • Welcome mixer the first night. Surprise excursion to explore a local hidden gem. And lots of activities to feed the soul: La Joya features private beach access, infrared sauna, cold plunge bath, saltwater infinity pool, and plenty of spa treatments for an extra dose of TLC.
  • Pre-Summit group meeting to answer all your questions and ensure you’re fully prepped to have the best summit experience ever
  • Pre-Summit 1:1 prep coaching call (1hr) to dial-in on any stats or pre-work needed for you to maximize your time onsite
  • Post-Summit 1:1 coaching call (1hr) to help you implement your strategic planning and give you the support you need to succeed
  • Post-Summit quarterly masterminds in 2024 to keep you accountable and on track with your vision for 1 full year after

Not included:

  • Flights to and from PVR (Puerto Vallarta)
  • Any necessary medical or trip insurance
  • Spending cash (Mexican pesos) to explore the cool shops, bars and restaurants in Sayulita (or to rent a surfboard!) 
Danielle Barbeau
Danielle BarbeauStudio Owner
Read More
I highly recommend coming for lots of the reasons, but number one, it's a chance to step away, to reflect, to plan, to feel ownership over being the owner and getting to do often stuff like this. This is a huge benefit of being a studio owner.
Lili Flores
Lili FloresStudio Manager, WCS
Read More
For anybody who is considering bringing their managers, I would definitely encourage it. Being here as a manager and being part of coming of the vision and strategy has really created more understanding and a sense of ownership.
Jackie Wheeler
Jackie WheelerStudio Owner
Read More
The top benefits for me were getting really clear on what my business needs and my goals for the business of 2023. I also narrowed down a strategy and a way to implement that. I feel really empowered going back, really focused and directed to now implement my plan for 2023, and get my team on board.


The Summit is designed to provide strategic support for an intimate group of yogapreneurs who currently own or manage their own yoga business. We give you the framework and strategies proven to give you the best results within the yoga community; you’ll integrate this knowledge into actionable steps that work for you, your team, and your business based on exactly where you are on Day 1 of the Summit. In other words: we’ll provide the sturdy canvas. and you’ll bring it to life with the colors that best suit you and your vision.  

Nope — and trust me, you want to stay at this beautiful, high end, boutique resort! We’re only offering on-site accommodations to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

If you need to cancel up to 4 months (120 days) before the summit, you get your money back, minus a $500 admin fee. If you need to cancel up to 90 days before, you get a refund (minus admin fee) only if we can fill your spot. After that, no refunds are available if you cancel within 90 days of the event.

You are welcome to purchase additional spots at the summit for your spouse, business partner, manager, or staff member. Tickets for an additional person (same bed) are available both with and without the Yoga Business Labs. 

Additional rooms may also be purchased by any other team members you would like to bring (both private and shared rooms) at regular rates. Please select whichever option applies at check out.

Please note the rooms at this resort, as well as the event, are generally not suitable for children/families. But please contact us with any questions.

The Summit will be held at La Joya, located on a secluded beach just 10 minutes from Sayulita, Mexico. It is possible to walk to town, but La Joya can also arrange taxis if you wish to visit Sayulita — which you definitely should!

Yes! Puerto Vallarta airport is extremely easy to get to, and it’s a relatively small airport. Your airport transfer directly from PVR to La Joya will be through a private luxury transport company. La Joya is located 10 minutes from the bustle of Sayulita on a secluded beach, all rooms are private, and we will be holding yoga classes, business labs, and meals in an open-air setting. Also, Sayulita area has been our family home for the past 5 years — we live and work here and our children go to school here. We know you will love this beautiful resort and this magical beach town!


AT THE 2023 Yoga Business summit: Annual Visionary Retreat
November 5-10, 2023
La Joya Mexico

As a Yogapreneur, you know your business doesn’t run by itself. This is your chance to invite the visionary inside of you to reconnect with the soul of your business – and create a solid 12-month strategic plan to multiply your profit & peace, while filling your own cup with yoga, sunshine, and new perspectives. You in? 

Are you ready

to elevate your yoga studios marketing game?

Join us on October 6th, 2023, for a transformative virtual summit designed to inspire and empower yoga studio owners like you.


Dive deep into marketing strategies, learn from industry experts, and walk away with your 2024 event marketing calendar mapped out!