Josh Biro


Josh Biro is the founder of The Yogapreneur Collective, and head coach at Nomad Business coaching, a consulting company that helps yoga studio owners systematize their businesses for more profit and peace of mind. He is one of the most sought-after business coaches in the yoga industry, and is obsessed with studying the difference between studio owners who are killing it, and those who are just getting by.

Josh lives nomadically, and is currently stationed in Sayulita with his family. He loves surfing, downhill biking, and yoga (obvi).

Perhaps above all, Josh thrives on the satisfaction of knowing that he’s helped a do-good entrepreneur have more time to themselves, more money to affect change, and ultimately, more freedom to live the lives they want to live.

Josh playing with kids
Josh Biro


I always get a kick out of website owners who write their bios in the third person when they’re really just writing about themselves.

“Josh Biro has messy hair, loves beer, and says ‘fuck’ a lot.”

As much as I love commonplace internet practices (just kidding, I do NOT love common internet practices) I feel like I want this to read more like a letter to a friend, than some lame bio on a tired website.

Because really, that’s essentially what this is: a letter to a friend.



As you’re a new friend, I want you to know right up front why you should potentially NOT bother with The Yogapreneur Collective:


I help studio owners build sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time, and produce thriving communities, packed classes, and consistent profits.

Clients have approached me who want help in generating a million bucks in annual revenue using any means necessary. While I can certainly help you work towards the million-dollar mark in your business if that’s realistic for you, I focus on the long-game rather than some quick-fix, arbitrary number.

I’ll work with you closely to help you realize your goals, which often means helping you see the clear path forward, while you dodge all the things trying to eat up your time and energy.

My point is, making your business insanely profitable, fun, and sustainably successful is a process that takes time.

Much less time – by the way – if you join the YC.

A yoga studio is not a get-rich-quick kinda business. I’m sure you know this. It can provide you with an excellent revenue stream, and an amazing, fulfilling lifestyle, but doing whatever it takes to hit pie-in-the-sky revenue goals just isn’t my style.

So if you want to subsist on last-minute sales to drive up your numbers at the end of the month, that’s pretty much the opposite of what I’m about. Probably best to find another coach.


One of the foundations of our business practices is teaching clients how to use a KPI, which stands for “Key Performance Indicator”.

It’s a spreadsheet (we give you a template, don’t worry) where you track key weekly and monthly metrics in your business such as new students, class sales, retail sales, student retention, monthly auto-pays, and attendance.

Josh Biro talking

This is the single best way to monitor – and encourage – the growth in your business that you will experience when you start employing our practices.

Numbers don’t lie – they aren’t emotional or opinion based – they’re just facts. Knowing them and using them properly is a simple must in the best business practices of kick ass yoga studio operations.

When we sit down and look at your numbers, it becomes way easier to create a clear priorities list and strategy to move forward.

This not only helps us get you moving in the right direction fast, and have a real tracking system to see the change with, but is really helps reduce stress!

This will often be the focus of our coaching calls, and the basis for my recommendations for your next steps. By focusing on increasing specific numbers, we can get you headed in the right direction.

Specificity is everything, and if you’re not into it, you won’t be into The YC.



While there are definitely best practices and habits that nurture success and sales, there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution to any business, not to mention a yoga studio.

If you want your studio to be the best it can be, you’ve got to be open to testing, exploring, and testing some more. What works for one studio will not necessarily work for another. And as much as I can help you determine what’s next, and what your key focus is, you will always learn best by implementing.

Ideas are shit. Launching is everything. And the only way to tell what’s going to work is to work it.

If you don’t want to do that work, your money will be better spent on a nice pair of yoga tights.




Hello! I’m Terri, I’m a coach here at the YC. With deep roots in Retail and Corporate America, I bring a unique and profit-centric entrepreneurial spirit to the Nomad Business Coaching team. Clients can expect a high energy, no excuses motivational coach who will help to identify challenges and build a path to solutions. I lend my 30+ years of professional experience, including being a successful Yoga Studio owner from 2015 – 2020, at which time I was able to successfully navigate the profitable studio sale during the pandemic.

Those planning studio reopenings will reap the benefits of my early adoption of on-demand and video library offerings to maximize a hybrid platform and develop strategies to successfully bring students back to the studio. I’ve been recognized by Perkville Rewards Program as a power user with an emphasis on strengthening client connections and brand loyalty through rewards platforms. I’m a Certified Mindbody Business Coach who can bring your studio the benefit of my vast experience with email/text drip marketing campaign planning, retail selection and display optimization, and pricing review and simplification based on the Paradox of Choice philosophy. In addition, Mindbody subscribers can rely on my expertise to unlock the potential of the Mindbody platform to leverage notifications, client profiles, reporting functions, retail stock management and service categories.

I’m a native Californian and a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies, and I’ve earned my Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. I’ve been a decorated sales professional with a Fortune 500 company prior to pursuing my passion for wellness and I hold numerous yoga teacher training certificates, including a 500-hour Hot 26 and 200-hour RYT. I was recognized by Mindbody with their Visionary Award in 2018 & 2019, and was a featured speaker at Mindbody’s Bold Conference in 2017. I currently reside in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio and am available to collaborate with clients throughout the US and beyond.


Hi! I’m Kay, and I’m a coach here at Nomad Business Coaching. When my husband and I opened our hot yoga school in 2015, we were deep in debt with a baby on the way, fistfuls of dreams and… not much of an idea what we were getting into! It wasn’t until we met Josh and Jenna that our little studio started becoming truly successful- even beyond what we’d ever imagined.


Within 3 years of meeting Josh and Jenna, we quadrupled our membership and went from using our personal funds to cover the studio expenses (not recommended!) to supporting a family of 4, organic groceries and all. We didn’t even work 85-hour days anymore, because we had a well-trained staff and systems that ran smoothly without us there.

Fast-forward a minute and we’ve transitioned our business completely online in order to follow our dream of moving abroad! We now live in Mexico, where I practice yoga daily, have adventures with my kids, run our virtual “studio” from a hammock, and give my heart to supporting yogapreneurs like you.

Josh has said and I totally agree: “If the owner burns out, everything goes to shit.” I get it because I’ve been there: it’s really hard not to burn out when you’re making it up as you go, without a guide or a support system! I also know that’s not how it has to be.

The philosophy, principles and best practices we teach at Nomad Business Coaching offer you the power to turn all that around. That’s why I’m over the moon to be a part of this team! I’m looking forward to being in your corner as you grow your business into an asset that not only transforms the lives of your students, but also makes you love your own life so much more.



Hi I’m Vicki, I’m a yogi, yoga teacher and studio owner, and also a yoga business coach for Nomad Business Coaching. Originally from Sweden, I now own a hot yoga studio in Leeds, in the UK. After almost ten years in the wellness business I know first hand how hard it can be to build, manage and run a yoga studio, especially if you try to also juggle family commitments. My two children are now teenagers, and after years of running myself ragged I have gradually reached a point where owning the studio is a source of pride and joy, rather than one of stress and anguish.

I have a deep understanding for how important it is for all studio owners to find that balance in life, and how agonizing life can be before you reach that point. After successfully applying all aspects of the Yogapreneur Method to my own studio, I can help you disentangle the mess, put structures in place and find the confidence you need, to step into your power as the awesome and care-free studio owner you can be. I believe studio ownership should be a source of joy and fulfillment.


Core Values are literally at the “core” of all my business and personal decisions. Allowing these to guide, inform and amplify choices makes hard decisions crystal clear. As a yoga business coach, I am passionate about creating processes, engaging and retaining customers, and marketing strategic pricing that fuels growth and profitability for my clients.

I feel your pains. In 2013, I founded my own small, boutique yoga studio in Lake Oswego,OR — Twist Yoga. I’ve worn all the hats, done all the jobs and made all the mistakes.


Prior to being a small business owner, I worked in an entirely different world: helping businesses take their companies public with Initial Public Offerings. This experience helps me navigate stress, budgets, and complicated relationships. But, most of all reminds me that “business is business.” If my clients don’t make money, they really don’t have a viable business. That’s where I come in.

I can also be found as a frequent guest on podcasts, speaking at events, writing for wellness magazines and blogs, traveling, and spending time with my two kids, husband, and two rescue dogs; Elmer and Dante. I’m also a Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon and a Mindbody’s One Champion Board Member.


Hi! I’m Carol. I owned a yoga studio in St. Louis, MO for 19 years and have recently transitioned to Yoga Business Coach with the YC! During my time as a yoga studio owner, my business partner and I spent A LOT of time without direction and “winging it”. Even though we had each other to bounce ideas off of, over time, we found ourselves struggling with sales and with creating a work-life balance. When we discovered the Yogaprenuer Collective our business really began to soar. Working directly with a coach helped us focus on strategies that made a huge difference in overall sales, employee productivity, and ease in our personal life. 

The experts in the YC even helped us successfully sell our studio! My biggest takeaway from the past 19 years is to take a breath and realize it doesn’t have to happen all at once. Small, incremental (yet consistent) movement over time creates big results over time – just like practicing yoga! I am so excited to work with yoga studio owners to help guide them on their journey to massive success.

My spare time is spent hanging out with my family, listening to podcasts (send me your favs!), or going to dinner & concerts with friends. I still love taking and teaching hot yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates classes, but I also try and make time for my first passion, dance. You will often find me (high) kicking it at jazz and hip hop classes around the STL area.


I am a Certified MindBody Business Consultant, and I have worked in the Wellness industry since before the year 2000. I have been using Mindbody since it was PC based and was called Omsoft. I offer two decades of on the ground experience using Mindbody and can help you grow your wellness business today. I have experienced so many changes in our industry over 20 years and each time I have recast my business in order to succeed.

From 2003-2019 I was the owner of the very successful Mountain Yoga in Sandy Utah which is still expanding today. I have been teaching yoga since 2003 and I am passionate about the fitness of our Minds and our Bodies. I intimately know your pain points; cash flow, payroll, staff management, sales and more.


Hi, I’m Mara, the Operations Ninja and Social Media Wiz for the Yogapreneur Collective. I started working with Josh and Jenna almost a decade ago at their studio in Red Deer. They taught me everything you learn in the YC firsthand in their studio – I can still recite the sales lingo. I love to travel, and being able to work from anywhere. As new opportunities arose over the years, social media has grown into a passion for me.


I’ve worked with One Fire Hot Yoga Festival and completed the Social Media Examiner Facebook Ads Summit, Facebook Ads Mastery, Facebook BluePrint, and Google Analytics course.

From working in a yoga studio for years, I understand the importance of community, a yoga practice, and the studio space and I wanted to be able to communicate that for studios online. As the Social Media Wiz for the YC, my business, Social Status helps yoga studios, just like yours thrive on social media using engagement-driven strategies and methods to help you become an authority in your community through Social Media management, audits, and Facebook and Google Advertising.

As the Operations Ninja, I keep things running smoothly in the YC, making sure our members are supported, and ensuring that all the behind-the-scenes YC goodies are being built like a well-oiled machine and flowing and operating smoothly.

When I’m not working for the YC or Social Status, I love hitting my mat for a sweaty yoga sesh, jumping on a bike for a spin class or going on big walks, listening to audio books. Aside from being a sweaty human being, you’ll find me collecting puppies (AKA, voluntarily puppy sitting for anyone who will let me), spending quality time with my hubby, friends, and fam. I’m a huge T-Swift fan, I love Harry Potter and Hallmark movies and I’m a sucker for any kind of bowl (smoothie, breakfast, burrito, popcorn [it comes in a bowl, right?]… sign me up!) and coffee of course. I don’t think it’s possible to be self employed, work from home and not have an affirming love for coffee, am I right? Oh yes and I absolutely love to travel, so if you’re signed up for the next Yoga Biz Summit, I’ll likely see you there… as if I’d pass up a chance to explore somewhere amazing with even more amazing people like you and the YC team! 

Limited Spaces Left ・ Yoga Biz Summit: Annual Visionary Retreat ・ November 5-10