Staff KPI Training


Offloading and elevating your team to take on more in your business is so empowering! If KPIs are important to you, but you’re not sure where to start, Terri is your gal, and she can train your team and teach them all her tips & tricks to track the numbers you need to keep an eye on!


Ready to have someone on your team do your KPIs for you, but you don’t know where to start? Terri is our KPI Queen and she can train your team to be the KPI Master for your biz!

To start off, Terri will do a mini audit of your MBO to determine if your MBO requires an Audit & Cleanup first – if an Audit & Cleanup is required there will be an additional charge. There’s no point in showing your team how things are done if it’s total chaos to start. During the Audit & Cleanup, Terri will get your MBO system in good standing, making sure everything is optimized and ready to roll so your KPI reporting learning experience can be the best possible!

Your team will get 2 hours with Terri 1:1 and any additional time required will be billed at $50/hour.

Staff KPI Training – $300 + $50/hour

  • Complete current month and prior 2 months
  • Walk them through how to do the KPI’s
  • 2 hours included
  • Additional time billed at $50/hour

All hourly rates and any extras will be billed separately.

*Early Bird Sale Extended til' May 31st1・Yoga Biz Summit: Annual Visionary Retreat ・ November 5-10